Summer Days Box


The first Fable seasonal box is here ? Summer Days ?a beautiful collection of all natural materials thoughtfully gathered to weave craft through your family’s summer. Wool felts dyed with birch, indigo and walnut shells, and yarns dyed with weld flowers, logwood and madder root come together with a little stitching, a story and your own nature finds to create magic and deepen your children’s connection with nature. Learn new crafts, spend time in nature and make over 10 different items with the materials and ideas in this box.

Please note that this is a pre-order listing and the first boxes will be sent out on June 15 2021.

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The box includes ~

  • Tiny Treasure Pocket Story Craft – a story to tell in the oral tradition alongside a simple mama-made craft with which to delight your little ones – enough to make 3 treasure pockets, with 3 pieces of organic, plant-dyed wool felt,  3 skeins (5 metres) of plant-dyed yarn, a  peg gnome spool holding 8 metres of various plant dyed wool and cotton threads,  4 shell buttons and pattern making paper.
  • An Original Illustration Verse Card – another of our special childhood studies created especially for Fable by Katie Patrick with a summer verse on the reverse.
  • A Biscuit Cutter – with an edible flower recipe and other craft uses.
  • The Fable Seasonal Zine, Summer Days – with all the notes, instructions and stories you’ll need for a summer’s crafting and seasonal tradition creating with your family.
  • Yarn Crafts – 10 metres of beautiful wool yarn, plant-dyed for Fable in Wales  – learn to finger knit, make twistie wisties, a circular sun weaving and midsummer fairy wands.
  • A Nature Craft – a simple nature mobile you can make alongside your children, including 5 alder cones and plant-dyed wool roving.
  • A Paper Craft – 2 paper dolls, created for Fable by young Danish artist, Frida Viola.
  • A Gift – this season’s gift is a sweet little hand-dipped 100% beeswax candle.

Please note that this is a pre-order listing and the first boxes will be sent out on June 15 2021.