Star Cloth Kit


In this box is a kit to create a Star Cloth© to hang in your home, a magical way to count down the days to Christmas. Lead your children through an Advent filled with sweet anticipation and wonder, and gift yourself the soothing self-care of hand stitching and creativity.

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Stitch on the moon, craft the sweetest little Star Pocket and then – alone or with your child – go into nature and find the perfect stick or fallen branch on which to hang the cloth. Once hung with care, explain to your little one that a golden star will appear every day in the Star Pocket for them to find – leave it by their bed to discover at bedtime, or first thing in the morning…

Each day a star is added and you can say to your child, “When the night sky is full of stars it will be Christmas”.

This kit is accessible to all levels of crafter – beginners included, and comes with password protected links to online video tutorials guiding you through every step to create this heirloom Advent calendar for your family.

In this Star Cloth© box: 

  • An Advent verse card with original illustration by Katie Patrick.
  • Star Cloth© notes, a small Fable zine with our sharing of Advent traditions and a family recipe.
  • A thick hand felted cloth, ethically produced in Nepal.
  • A moon cut from Birch dyed organic wool felt.
  • 2 pocket pieces cut from Indigo dyed organic wool felt.
  • 29 felt glitter stars (reusable), packaged in biodegradable glitter.
  • Jute string for hanging.
  • A handmade Peg Gnome thread spool holding:
    Indigo (blue) dyed cotton thread
    Yarrow (yellow) dyed wool thread
    Metallic gold thread
    Waxed linen thread
  • Links to video tutorials guiding you through all the stitching required to make your Star Cloth©.

Please note the kit does not include the Ostheimer figures, scissors and other props in the photos.