Every Fable box is packed with love and an intention to delight. Making for our children – crafting – is a nurturing act for them, but delightfully, also for us, and we want each Fable project to be a treat for mama (or papa) and child. Each box provides the materials and guidance to make a beautifully crafted item. Our kits are always simple with the over-busy beginner in mind – using the best quality organic and plant dyed, ethical materials sourceable. All our kits are anchored in seasonal celebration, family milestones and ritual, so each comes with a sharing of our own favourite seasonal traditions and resources. A recipe, story or verse and suggestions of traditions, with our original illustration prints to use in your home. Sweet, simple ways to nurture and ground your family, especially in these uncertain times. Fable crafts are never overwhelming, always magical (and very achievable) and enable you to fable your own family traditions with love for those you love.